Cultivation Rooms

The benefits of building controlled environments that offer high levels of flexibility and adaptability will provide numerous advantages as the cannabis industry evolves to meet future compliance and standardization. As a proven leader in providing turn key modular cleanrooms to the advanced manufacturing, biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and research / testing industries, Krauter Clean Rooms has the experience to help you meet the inevitable standards that will affect the growing cannabis industry.

Krauter Clean Rooms designs and installs clean and controlled environmental space and can offer adaptable solutions for your entire facility. Our modular design ensures projects are cost effective, clean construction with little-to-no disturbance of operations, and being pre-engineered have a quicker completion time. The modular design also means flexibility is paramount and structures can be easily reconfigured or relocated.

The applications include:

  • Clone Rooms
  • Compounding Rooms
  • Curing Rooms
  • Demising Walls
  • Drying & Trim Rooms
  • Extraction Rooms
  • Flowering Rooms
  • Engineering and Admin Support Rooms
  • Mother Rooms
  • Packaging Rooms
  • Vegetative Growth Rooms
  • Vision tower space to take advantage of overhead availability