Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical / BioPharma

Krauter Clean Rooms designs and installs clean and controlled environmental space for all types of pharmaceutical facilities. Pharmaceutical cleanrooms are customized to meet exacting requirements set forth by the FDA, EMA and state pharmacy boards. Our modular design ensures projects are cost effective, clean construction with little-to-no disturbance of operations, and being pre-engineered have a quicker completion time. The modular design also means flexibility is paramount and structures can be easily reconfigured or relocated.

The applications include:

  • ISO rated sterile and non-sterile space
  • Quality control / research labs
  • Manufacturing space
  • Packaging and storage space
  • Engineering and administrative support offices
  • Vision tower space to take advantage of overhead availability
  • USP 797 and 800 compounding labs
  • Sample labs
  • Powder processing and mixing rooms