Krauter Clean Rooms 5 Step Process

Krauter Clean Rooms  and all of the sub contractors and trades we partner with are based in and around Indianapolis, IN. That means all sales and technical support is local! 

We have spent many years refining a process that delivers results. Working through five development phases, we collaborate continuously with you and your stakeholders, regularly checking against the project goals and ensuring your needs are met.

  1. Review
    • This is the initial phase and where we meet with you on site. The purpose is to get to know you and understand your business and processes. We then listen to what your requirement is and can answer questions you may have to clarify scope or give insight to alternative ways to approach the project. We will look at existing areas to determine how best to utilize available space and identify any variables and barriers that may affect design.
  2. Discover
    • Once we understand your needs we take the time to get deeper insight by meeting with our design teams, expert consultants, technical advisors and drafting professionals. This process develops our project blueprint which we share with the customer and make sure every requirement and expectation is identified and accounted for.
  3. Create
    • Once you have an opportunity to review the project blueprint and make any changes we then put a comprehensive quote package together that outlines project scope, detailed cost breakouts, initials timelines and terms.
  4. Perform
    • Upon approval of project is where Krauter Clean Rooms separates ourselves from the rest. Whether it’s supplying components or providing a turn key installation, Krauter acts as the system integrator and oversees all aspects of the build. We supply components and coordinate with associated suppliers and trades to deliver a complete system. We keep the client informed and included throughout the course of the project and are quick to react and respond to any changes or additions that may arise.
  5. Support
    • Krauter Clean Rooms has provided many facilities and our satisfied client’s appreciate the fact that we are available for support after the project is complete. We are one phone call away and have a reputation for delivering top quality projects at highly competitive costs.


When constructing a cleanroom, it’s important to not be intimidated by the process. In the end, it’s still just construction. Krauter is a full service design build contractor that understands the intricacies and complexities of clean and controlled spaces. We have the knowledge and experience that allows us to make sure the space we deliver has flexibility, expansion capabilities and is very competitively priced.