Modular Wall Systems for Cost Effectiveness

The Modular Wall System is our all-purpose solution for creating a wide variety of cleanrooms and environmental enclosures. Not only is this line designed for a variety of applications from ISO4 to ISO8 cleanroom environments, it is also cost effective enough to use for simpler applications involving basic process segmentation or control over air quality, temperature or humidity. The extruded aluminum components and ultra-smooth panel surfaces are ideal for achieving maximum cleanliness in a controlled environment. With all of the options available, Krauter Clean Rooms can tailor a cleanroom to fit your environmental control plant configuration needs faster and at a lower cost than conventional construction.

Here are the benefits of Modular Construction:

  • Clean Installation – Modular components are non-shedding and require minimal on-site fabrication, resulting in less materials waste.
  • Increased Speed to Market – Modular components reduce design time and streamline on-site assembly for faster speed to market.
  • Grow with Your Business – Modify or relocate buildings to a new facility (great for leased spaces) without showing signs that a repair or modification has been made.
  • Tax Advantages – Modular construction can be depreciated over 7.5 years (compared to 39 years for traditional construction) allowing for a much quicker ROI.
  • Simplified Engineering – Easily integrate interior mechanical systems for environmental control or other enhancements to meet future compliance.
  • A Turnkey Solution –By self-performing and partnering with certified component manufacturers, suppliers and associated sub-contractors, Krauter Clean Rooms is a single source design-build company that provides a turnkey approach with the advantages of local support and assistance.